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"YOU GUYS DID A STAND UP JOB! The Manager said it was excellent work and he was super happy sounding talking about you"
Jackie - Chain Store"


My experience with 24-7 Maintenance has been excellent. The technicians are skilled, dedicated and extremely knowledgeable about all the construction and facilities issues I contend with every day. 24-7 has dealt with every issue we've thrown at them and in every case helped us achieve resolution in a timely manner. They are very prompt and always with an immediate response.
I give 24-7 the highest recommendation of any vendor I've ever worked with, and I'll continually refer other people and their issues to Vince and 24-7 because I know I can trust them
Tony @ Construction Manager-Liz Claiborne



On 3/20/2015 1:22 PM, 247 wrote:
Would you mind if I used your comment as a testimonial ?
"Wonderful, ty so much, I have closed the call so you can send your invoicing paperwork to billing when you have it, thank you for taking care of this so quickly!" Sherri - Chain Store
Thanks 247

On 3/20/2015 4:12 PM, Sherri wrote:

" Absolutely, in fact you might want to add that you are a very excellent contractor who responds quickly, gets the job done correctly the first time each time & I wish I could clone you LOL"









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